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Cycling Holidays for Groups

Whether you have a club, school or extended family group, we can accommodate you on a cycling tour. The duration of the holiday and the distance travelled each day can be adjusted to suit you, and of course we can also help with activities for non-cycling days.

Your group ride can be either self-led or with the assistance of one of our guides. With a larger group the guide price per person becomes more economical.

Our rides are based in and around Assen, a small city which is the capital fo the "cycling province" of Drenthe. This fixed base makes it possible for some members of your group to take rest days while others cycle. There is no need for any of you to carry luggage with you on the bike, beyond what you might need on the day's ride.

In this area, we have the best conditions for cycling in the world. There are thousands of kilometres of cycle-path completely separate from the road and you will never have to cycle in busy traffic. All age groups can cycle safely.

Example itinerary

The example itinerary is for a week of ride distances of around 40 km in length. This the most popular ride length for good reason: It's enough distance to reach a range of different destinations from Assen being a short enough distance that after a relaxed breakfast you need just a couple of hours on the bike before lunch to reach your destination, and a couple more after lunch to get back in time for your evening meal. There is also time to stop for morning and afternoon coffee. Let us know your preference when booking.


Arrive in Assen and book in. If you are early enough, have a look at Assen's award winning market or take a walk or cycle around Assen (we provide short walking and cycling routes for this purpose).


A ride through one of the largest areas of heath in this area. It's a "silent area", meaning that when you stop there is near silence. This area was featured on our blog with video and photos.


Visit Kamp Westerbork - the concentration camp in which Anne Frank spent her last days in the Netherlands. The camp is preserved as a memorial, there is a small museum and a cafe. The ride to and from the camp is a very pleasant route through forest, heath and small villages.


Today's destination is a tree-top walk in forest. It's fun for young and old. There is also a beautiful swimming beach on the route.


Assen's award winning market is today, and Assen's Drentsmuseum has many interesting exhibits. This makes Wednesday a good day for a rest from cycling. For today we provide a route which can be ridden as either 20 km or 40 km in length so that you can have a half rest day or no rest day at all as you prefer.


A 40 km long ride to Groningen, the city which was the highest cycling rate in the world, as well as many museums and restaurants. Lunch will be along the route, evening meal in Groningen itself. After dinner, either ride back to Assen by train, or take the direct 30 km route.


A museum of musical instruments provides today's destination and lunch stop. The ride there and back passes through beautiful countryside, past sculptures and natural areas.


Depart after breakfast.

Distances can be long or short each day as required by the group. We like to allow time for a late breakfast and plenty of time for morning coffee and lunch stops. For evening meals you will be back in Assen (or perhaps in Groningen on Thursday) and can visit any of the many varied restaurants.


If you bring you own bicycles, we ask that you please make sure in advance that they are well maintained, possibly by asking a bike shop to service the bikes. Also, we ask that you carry with you a puncture repair kit and any required spare parts.

As the holiday has a fixed base you will not have to carry all your luggage with you. However, please consider how you will carry what you need from day to day on your bike. It is more comfortable to carry items on the bike in a basket or pannier than in a backpack.

All our rides are on solid concrete and tarmac road surfaces.

We also supply hire bicycles. These are good quality upright Dutch bikes with comfortable saddles, mudguards and luggage rack. They have enough gears to suit the terrain rather than a bewildering excess of gears which you won't need.

About us

Judith and David Hembrow are experienced British cycle tourists who have toured extensively in both the UK and the Netherlands. We are also parents and have considerable experience of cycling with children.

Anything Else ?

If you have special dietary needs, such as being a vegetarian or vegan, we can help. Just let us know.

Cycling in the Netherlands is very safe. Nevertheless, we strongly recommend that participants have both travel insurance and third party liability insurance.

Children must be supervised by their parents or carers at all times.

How to book

As groups can vary so greatly we can't give an example price. Please contact us directly by email to book.

How to get here

Please consider first the ethics of travelling from where you are to the Netherlands in order to ride bicycles. Cycling is a means of transport which inherently has a low carbon footprint and is light on the planet. We would prefer that people did not travel half way around the world to come on our tours or indeed to take any holiday which has such a cost for the planet.

Please book the tour first and wait for confirmation before booking your transport. We will advise you about what we think is the best means of transport from your location.

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