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Family cycle holiday route - Free sample

This page describes one of our cycling holiday routes around Assen. This route runs around the perimeter of the city. It's a very pleasant ride, mostly on cycle paths and suitable for all ages. The length of this ride is about 32 km ( 20 miles ) - a very easy distance for families with children, or suitable as a half day or evening ride.

On this route we ride beside canals, through trees, past farm land, near the famous TT track and have plenty of opportunities for cafe stops.

As with all the rides, we start on the Koopmansplein. This is the centre of Assen's shopping district.

Distance (km)LocationDirection
0KoopmanspleinFace Vanderveen and make a right turn into Gedempte Singel
0.1Gedempte SingelAlmost immediately left into Weiersloop by "roundabout" and ABN AMRO
0.14WeiersloopAt restaurant tables, turn right into Markt
0.28MarktCross to right hand side of the canal. The road is called "Vaart N.Z.". This is a bicycle road, where bicycles have priority over cars.
0.9Vaart N.Z.New bridge. Continue beside canal.
1.7Vaart N.Z.Canal turns to the right. Continue towards bridge with blue arches
2.1Vaart N.Z.Boemerang cafe on right.
2.25Blue bridgeGo under bridge with blue arches, then right just before the lifting bridge and canal.
2.5Bike PathAt junction with road, next to second bridge, go straight on and continue with canal on your left.
5.2Bike PathGo under bridge, continue by canal
6.7Bike PathGo through underpass. Then turn left at the T junction and keep left. Cross the canal alongside the road
7Bike PathTake the first right turn after crossing the canal onto Messchenpad. Continue riding on this side of the canal.
8.3Bike PathAt the bicycle / foot bridge, cross back to the other side of the canal. Turn left at the end of the bridge to continue in the same direction as before along the other side of the canal in front of houses.
9SteigermesschienAt the round building, turn right and ride with the marina on your left. We ride all the way around the Marina, turning left immediately after it, and then crossing a wooden bridge to continue in the same direction alongside the canal as before. Sternmesschen.
9.8End of roadAt the end of the road near the junction of two canals we continue on a cycle path which starts on our left. The cycle path takes us around a right hand corner. Two bridges are visible in the distance.
10.9Bike PathThe first bridge we come to is a wooden lifting bridge. Cross this bridge and go straight on using a minor road at the end which leads directly away from the canal.
12LoonWe enter the village of Loon, which has cobbled roads, and turn left which is sign-posted towards Rolde.
12.3CrossroadsAt the crossroads there is a cafe on the left "De Herberg Van Loon". We turn right towards Assen.
12.6End of LoonAt the end of Loon join the cycle path on the right hand side of the road.
14.1Cycle PathA roundabout becomes visible in front of us. Look out for a minor path on the left called Dijkerveldpad. This is signposted to Rolde. Note that some cars do use this path for access.
14.7DijkerveldpadPass the parking, and continue straight then turn left onto the path which parallels the road.
14.9JunctionAt the cycle path junction, take the right path, which continues next to the road and is signposted for Rolde. This leads into a small wood.
15.4T junctionAt the T junction turn right and go through an underpass. At the other end of the underpass turn left.
15.9Second underpass
16HomeruslaanAt the minor road, turn left. This is signposted towards Assen Station
16.1HomeruslaanAt the junction with Herodotuslaan, turn left into that road.
16.8HerodotuslaanRide past housing on the right, then on the left and right, and after passing a pond on the right, look out for a left turn onto the Uitkamp cycle path. This is signposted towards Rolde.
17.5UitkampAt the road junction, turn right. Ignore the almost immediate cycle path on the left and continue on the road through Schieven and Anreep.
18.9AnreepAt the end of the village of Anreep, look out for a right turn onto another minor road called Diepstroeten.
19.9DiepstroetenOur route goes past some fields and rises towards a main road. We won't go onto the main road, but do use the same bridge over the railway.
20DiepstroetenOptional detour to the memorial to the crew of a Lancaster Bomber which crashed here during World War II.
20.9JunctionJunction with "Graswijk" next to a bridge. Cross the road and turn right on the minor access road (which doubles as cycle path).
21.5GraswijkRide towards the large junction, but stick to the minor access road and follow it around to the left in the direction of the TT track. We are now parallel with with the ringroad: Europaweg-Zuid
22.2Europaweg-ZuidAt the junction with Haarweg, cross over and turn left. Signs show this as the route to the TT track. This path is called De Boskamp.
22.8De BoskampCarry on in a straight line. Do not take the right hand turns. However, when the cycle path appears on the right in the same direction do take this and continue beneath two bridges.
De HaarJust after the bridges is a the sight of the Verkeerspark on the left. This is a good place to visit with children.
23.7De HaarJust before the TT track itself there take the right turn onto a minor road called Witterhaar.
25.4WitterhaarRestaurant on left then a turn right onto a cycle path signposted towards Assen.
25.9Cycle Path Follow this cycle path until you meet a junction by the road. Turn left and go through Witten.
26.4Cycle PathAt the end of Witten, look out for a cyclepath on the other side of the road. Follow this, sticking to the tarmac pathto the left with a rough track next to it.
27.2Cycle PathThe path enters some woods and then departs from the track. At a junction with a mushroom sign we turn right (even though this isn't shown as the direction to anything).
27.3Cycle PathThe path comes out onto a service road. Immediately turn left onto another cycle path which passes to the left of a fishing lake.
27.9Cycle Path JctThere is a cycle path junction next to a roundabout. Turn left here, cross the traffic and continue on the cycle path next to Prof. Prakkeweg. Keep to this path until we get to the canal.
28.4Cycle PathAt the canal, next to a bridge, turn right to continue with the canal on our left
29.1JunctionContinue straight on using the cycle path with the canal on our left.
29.7BridgeContinue on, with the canal on our left.
30Blue BridgeWe're back to Vaart. Cross the canal using the cycle bridge. Stop at Boemerang if you want a snack, or turn right and ride along Vaart N.Z. back to the centre.
32.2End of canalCross the road and go into Markt. At the end of Markt, turn left into Weiersloop and then right. You are now at
32.4KoopmanspleinEnd of ride.


A video of the route above:

There are also other videos.

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This is just one example of a route we have planned. There are many others which we use both for guided and self-guided cycle tours in this area. You can find more details on the rest of our website.