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Self Guided Family Cycling Holiday

It is always a pleasure to cycle in the Netherlands. The wonderful network of cycle paths makes it unnecessary ever to ride on busy roads. Conditions are as suitable for children to cycle safely as they are for adults.

Assen is the capital of the "Cycling Province" of the Netherlands and is a perfect place to base a family holiday.

As this is a self guided holiday, you can take it on any week that you wish.

The price includes Bed and Breakfast accommodation for seven nights. We can also arrange different length holidays. Required maps and route descriptions are included.

Example Itinerary

Ride distances for family groups are usually around 40 km per day. This is enough of a distance that many destinations can be reached, but it's also a short enough distance that it can covered quite easily in a couple of hours of not too energetic cycling before lunch and a couple of hours more after lunch.

Ride distances can of course be varied. A family of enthusiastic cyclists with teenage children may prefer slightly longer distances, while a family with young children who would like to ride their own bikes for at least some of the days would benefit from some shorter routes. Both these variations can be accommodated. Please ask when booking.


Arrive in Assen. Find your Bed and Breakfast accommodation. If you are early enough, have a look at Assen's award winning market.


Out of the city towards Hunebedden and a windmill, through heath and forest. A short ride as it's your first: 22 km


Forest, farmland and a choice of swimming pool or a beach. Or both. Two possible routes: 15 or 24 km


A windmill again, forest, wetland, a tall lookout tower, radio telescope, a walking route with scale solar system models, a concentration camp museum and visitor centre, heath, possible chance to see some very large cattle, and return through farmland. 39 km.


Assen's award winning market is today, and Assen's Drentsmuseum has many interesting exhibits. This makes Wednesday a good day for a rest from cycling. However, if you prefer we also provide some ideas for short rides to a very large petting zoo in a forest and a traffic park, where children can learn the rules of the road.

Or... Ride to a village set in forest which houses a swimming pool, windmill and many restaurants and cafes. Return through villages and countryside. 40 km


A ride past a clog museum, beautiful garden and museum and lakes to the city of Groningen, which has the highest cycle usage of any city in the world. The route is 30 km long. You can return to Assen by train (train tickets are not included in the holiday price). Groningen has many museums, restaurants and parks.


Take a picnic to a huge area of heath and forest in the countryside (we also pass cafes). We go out through a startling new housing estate, returning along the side of a canal. 35 km


Depart after breakfast.

Children on Hunebed

You can start each day at any time you like after breakfast. The distances are short, so plenty of time is included for morning coffee and lunch stops (good locations are included in the route descriptions). For evening meals you will be back in Assen (or perhaps in Groningen on Thursday) and be able to go to any of the many varied restaurants.


We have easily availability of bicycles suitable for most adults, but because of the many different sizes needed it can be difficult to fit children. If at all possible, we recommend that families bring their childrens' bicycles with them, even if you will hire bikes for the adults.

We have a child trailer suitable for one or two children. The manufacturer says this is suitable for children from a minimum age of 18 months and up to 40 kg (if two children ride together then this is the combined weight).

As the holiday has a fixed base you will not have to carry all your luggage with you. However, please consider how you will carry what you need from day to day on your bike. It is more comfortable to carry items on the bike in a basket or pannier than in a backpack. You can carry some luggage in the child trailer with children, or we can hire you a small cargo trailer.

About us

Cycling through the woods in Assen

Judith and David Hembrow are experienced British cycle tourists who have toured extensively in both the UK and the Netherlands. We are also parents and have considerable experience of cycling with children.

Before we moved to the Netherlands to live, we had already discovered the country as a cycling destination. We brought our own children on cycling holidays to the Netherlands. Our children are now teenagers and greatly appreciate the freedom that they to cycle anywhere they like in safety here in Drenthe.

Anything Else ?

If you have special dietary needs, such as being a vegetarian or vegan, we can help. Just let us know.

Cycling in the Netherlands is very safe. Nevertheless, we strongly recommend that participants have both travel insurance and third party liability insurance.

Children must be supervised by their parents or carers at all times.

How to book

For this week of holiday we have selected a four person room in a hotel in Assen. The price includes breakfast, bicycle rental for two adult bikes, en-suite shower-room, use of the indoor and outdoor swimming pools, the sauna and fitness centre. Restaurants, bowling and a beauty salon are on-site.

The hotel is within easy cycling distance of the city centre and also near a petting zoo and forest.

This seven night family holiday costs from .

Please contact us directly by email for other options or to book.

How to get here

Please book the tour first and wait for confirmation before booking your transport. We will advise you about what we think is the best means of transport from your location.

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Fietsles (cycling lesson) statue in Groningen